The more the straight news turned into entertainment, the more we turn to our entertainers for the straight news.


More Americans are turning to satirical news shows to keep abreast of what is happening in the world. In a poll conducted last weekend, 24% of respondents agreed that TV shows like «The Colbert Report» and «The Daily Show with Jon Stewart are «taking the place of traditional news outlets.»

The survey, by Rasmussen Reports, also shows that people don’t necessarily think this trend is a bad thing. Nearly 40% believe such programs make Americans «more informed» about current events, while only 21% think the shows make people «less informed.»

But even as these shows have become more significant in the politico-cultural scene, many people are still neutral about the stars themselves. About 35% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Stewart and Colbert, and 22% view them unfavorably — leaving more than 40% with no opinion of either celebrity.



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